1. Introduction

Canadian citizens are required to submit a recent passport photo to apply for a new passport or renewal. Passport photos need to be sized correctly to avoid application processing delays or other legal troubles. It’s important to follow the guidelines closely according to the law of the Canadian Government for passport photo size. Inappropriate sizing can result in the need to retake and resubmit photos, adding time and potential cost to the application process.


Now, we will discuss Canadian passport photo size and requirements. Are you interested in gathering knowledge about Canadian passport photo size and other requirements? Let’s have a discussion!


2. General Canadian Passport Photo Size Requirements

When you are applying for a Canadian passport, provide two identical and unaltered photos with each application. The Canadian embassy will comply with the photos if they meet the requirements of the passport program.

Now, let’s have the list of Canadian passport photo requirements:   

  1. The photos you want to submit with your passport application should be taken by a professional photographer.
  2. Your photo must be recent. Not older than six months.
  3. Avoid selfies.
  4. The photos must not use any filters that don’t represent the natural skin tone.
  5. Clear, sharp, and in-focus photos are a must.
  6. Prescribed eyeglasses can be worn, but make sure there’s no reflection or glare on the eyeglasses.
  7. Sunglasses or tinted glasses are not acceptable.
  8. The photos must not be taken from a previously existing photo. They should be authentic.
  9. For someone who is in a wheelchair, it is suggested to place a white fabric or blanket behind the applicant’s head, over the wheelchair.


3. Specific Requirements for Canadian Passport Photo Size

When someone thinks of going to Canada and starts the procedure of going there, maybe he wants to go for a job purpose, a tour purpose, or a study purpose. The first question that arises in our minds is: What size is required for a Canada visa photo?


    Dimensions of the photo

In Canada, a passport photo must be 50 mm wide and 70 mm high (2 inches wide and 2 ¾ inches high). The image should contain the face and shoulders centered. If the head is tilted to any side, that is not acceptable.

●   Canadian passport photo size of the face from chin to crown

The size of the face from chin to crown must be between 31 mm (1 ¼ inches) and 36 mm (1 7/16 inches). The photos must show the front view of the face according to the measurements, and the top of the shoulders should be squared to the camera.

Ensuring the correct size and specifications for your passport photo is critical for a smooth application process.


4. Quality and Background

Quality matters a lot. You will need everything in very good quality attached to the passport application. If you submit a photo that is printed on low-quality paper, the photo background and printing finish are also not very good, then your passport application can be rejected.

    Paper quality and photo finish

The photos should be produced from a single negative or electronic image file. Plain, high-quality photographic paper is required. Any other paper is not acceptable. Photo should be printed from a digital lab and matter finishing is much preferable.

    Background color specifications

The background of the photos must be plain white or light-colored. Between the clothing, facial features, and background, contrast and brightness should be enough. So, the applicant’s features against the background are clearly distinguishable.


5. Positioning and Expression

Positioning and proper expression an important parts of passport photo shooting. If the photo position doesn’t meet the requirement of a Canadian passport photo size, you could face problems with these.

    Head position

The applicant’s head should be facing forward, straight to the camera without any tilting.

Unless the applicant has a religious or medical issue, the photos must show a full head without any covering. If there’s a covering on the head, it shouldn’t cast shadows on the face, and the full face should be visible clearly.

    Facial expression

A neutral facial expression without any smiling, a closed mouth, and straight looking at the camera must be done by the applicant.

    Eye position

Both eyes should be open and clearly visible. Looking directly at the camera is a must. If there are any red-eye effects or red-eye alterations detected in the photo, they will not be accepted.

6. Additional Guidelines for Children and Infants

Facial expression for Canada passport photo

6. Additional Guidelines for Children and Infants

    Adjustments in the rules for newborns and young children

If you’re holding your child while photo shooting, be careful so that your hands appear in the photo. There should be only the child’s head and shoulders.

If your child is just a newborn baby, then some minor variations of the photo will be allowed if there’s any difficulty in recognizing a neutral facial expression.


    Tips for getting a compliant photo of a child

It’s an excellent idea for newborn baby photographs to take the photo in a car seat. Place a white fabric or blanket behind the child’s head and try to capture photos without shadows on the face and shoulders, around the ears, or in the background.


7. Common Mistakes to Avoid

While capturing the photo, the photographer may make some common mistakes that can ruin your photo from Canadian standards and these mistakes should be avoided. And that’s why, a photographer’s professionalism is an important thing.

1.   List of frequent errors

Here are some frequently made errors that we usually don’t notice but should be noticed:

  1. Unless the applicant has a religious or medical issue, the photos must show a full head without any covering. If there’s a covering on the head, it shouldn’t cast shadows on the face, and the full face should be visible clearly.
  2. There can be reflection in the background due to improper lighting. Make sure the lighting of the place is properly arranged where you want to capture your photos.
  3. Incorrect photo size is a common but vital mistake. A passport application with an incorrect-sized photo can get you in trouble in various ways.
  •   Tips on how to avoid these mistakes

Both the photographer and the applicant should be aware of these mistakes. Reconfirm that everything has been done with the requirements properly.


8. Where to Get a Canadian Passport Photo Taken

If you have professional Photoshop skills, then you can make your own photo. To learn how to make Canadian passport photos, you can try photo editing with Adobe Photoshop. But don’t submit those photos with your passport application.

Besides there are plenty of online services that provide passport photos according to the requirements. They provide an online submission option. Just upload your photo to order photo printing. You can visit a Staples copy and print store during their working hours with your own passport photo.


You can get your digital photos printed at various services in Canada or order online print from us, Clipping Path Finder! We are one of them, where you receive a minimum of high-quality passport stamp photos right away.

9. Conclusion

When you want to apply for a Canadian passport, you must submit a photo that meets certain standards and requirements. I hope now you’ve got a complete idea and guidelines about Canadian passport photo size and requirements.

It’s a wise thing to do research and gather knowledge about the new topic that you are about to start. So, while applying for a Canadian passport for the first time, keep an eye here. Moreover, you should check the latest guidelines on the official Canadian government website and be updated. After that, if you face any unwanted situation, we’ll always be there to help you out.



Here are some frequently asked questions related to Canadian passport photo size requirements:

1.   Can I smile in my passport photo?

No. You should have a neutral facial expression without smiling while capturing the photo. But, if the applicant is a newborn baby, then some minor mistakes will be considered.

2.   How recent must the passport photo be?

Your photo should be less than six months old. Better take a recent photo and submit it with the application.

3.   Can I wear lipstick in my passport photo?

Absolutely! You can even go with makeup at the time of taking your passport photo. But make sure the look is more natural and it doesn’t make a lot of difference from your photo.