Image cut-out service, otherwise known as background removal service, is a very important image editing service most often seen used for product photography for e-commerce. While it’s true that businesses can have their own people do this job, if you want the best results, you need professionals. That is why, in this article, we will be going over the top 10 image cut-out service provider in USA 2024. Image cut out is a difficult task to complete, especially if you are doing it to hundreds of images.

The image cut-out service providers we will look at have dozens of professional background removers and image editors who have mastered this task. Additionally, they also provide other benefits such as discounts on large orders and fast delivery. So let’s not wait any longer and find you the best image cut-out service provider in USA in 2024.

Top 10 Image Cut-Out Service Provider in USA

Top 10 Image Cut-Out Service Provider in USA

1. Clipping Path Finder

Clipping Path Finder

Website: Clipping Path Finder
793 Deer Park Ave, North Babylon, NY 11703 USA
Phone Number:

Rating: 9.5/10

The first choice for the top 10 image cut-out service provider in USA 2024 is Clipping Path Finder. A leading image editing company known for providing professional-level services that will amaze everyone, including you and your target audience. They started their business in 2005 and have since then provided high-quality image services to a diverse clientele worldwide aside from the USA. The mission of this company is to help businesses and individuals enhance their visual content by offering a wide range of services.

Clipping Path Finder employs over 200 expert image editors to ensure you get only the best image editing services. The company has dedicated teams specializing in various image manipulation techniques, including professional photo cut-out service. Also, they don’t just do any regular old image cut out either. Depending on your needs, they have multiple levels of background removal services.

If you have doubts about their work quality, then contact them. They will walk you through their entire process, answering any questions you might have. On top of that, you can get a free trial after providing some basic information and images. Just upload some photos (max 10) and tell them what kind of service you want. They will look at your images and edit them entirely for free! They are available 24/7, so contact them before you get a quote from them today.

2. Weedit.Photos


Website: Weedit.Photos

Rating: 9/10

Very few image editing service providers in America are as good as Clipping Path Finder. The only one we believe comes close is Weedit.Photos. People, from beginners to pros and businesses big or small, pick them for their extensive editing services, top-notch quality, careful work approach, friendly tech support, and speedy service.

With close to 20 years of image cut-out experience and similar service, this company is no joke. Since they have been in business Weedit.Photos has connected with several companies, such as Adobe and Dell, to get their hands on quality tools to make their work as efficient and high-quality as possible.

When it comes to their service, they don’t make any promises they know they can’t keep. On a daily basis, Weedit.Photos process thousands of images thanks to their dedicated image editing specialists. They also promise to complete all your requests in 24 hours within reason. Their team will contact you for all large-scale projects and create a deadline that both parties will be happy with.

Now, when it comes to image cut out services or background removal services, Weedit.Photos have multiple levels for you to choose from. Each level has its own price and provides various services, from simple cut outs to complex background removal.

If you are worried about how expensive it might be to get their image cut-out service, send them a couple of your images with your contact information. Weedit.Photos provide everyone with free quotes.

3. Fixthephoto


Website: Fixthephoto

Rating: 9/10

The mission of this company is all in the name: they are all about fixing your photos any way you want. Since 2003, Fixthephoto has been doing good work on all kinds of image editing and making a name for themselves all over America and worldwide. Their team of image editors is dedicated to providing high-quality images to various clients worldwide at affordable prices because they believe in 100% client satisfaction.

From the beginning, Fixthephoto has provided numerous image editing services such as image cutout, and recently, they have added video editing to their repertoire. Regarding image cut out service, Fixthephoto has two main levels: the basic and the additional services. Both levels are quite affordable and often have discounts and promotions to make their services even cheaper.

In the additional services package, you can get Fixthephoto to do additional work on your images on top of the image cut-out service. These services include adding shadows, retouching, etc.

4. Fotofigo


Website: Fotofigo

Rating: 8.5/10

People only look for image cut out service providers when they are busy running their business or don’t know how to do it themselves. Either way, you don’t want to deal with the hassle of editing your images. Instead, you might want to use your time to do something more productive. Fotofigo is a top-tier image cut out service provider that knows all about saving time for their client.

They have created a model that ensures clients can request their service and get edited images in the fastest time possible. By creating an online platform, they allowed you to upload pictures and order your service without talking to anyone. Fotofigo will then work its magic and meet all your demands within any deadline you set.

They have multiple packages for you to choose from. Each has a limit on the number of images accepted and validity. Pick the one you like, but you will save money with any of them. All their services are included in all their packages, so no worries.

Fotofigo includes adding a shadow, color correction, and moving the subject to new background in their image cut out service. So you will get multiple services for the price of one.

5. Picsera


Website: Picsera
Address: 11151 NW 36th Ave Miami, FL 33167
Phone Number: (888) 672-4505

Rating: 8.5/10

It’s not wrong to say that images and videos are very much needed for businesses to succeed nowadays. Companies like Picsera understand this, and that’s why they are one of the top 10 image cut out service provider in USA in 2024. Since 2014, they have made it their mission to provide their clients worldwide with high-quality edited images and help them grow bigger and better.

One of the most requested services they provide is image cut out or background removal, for which they employ experts with loads of experience. The teams at Picsera are all about working smart as well as hard so that the clients get the best-looking images in the fastest time possible.

The image cut out service from Picsera is divided into five levels, each with unique pricing, so you won’t have any trouble figuring out what you need. Also, they provide custom pricing for all their orders so you can settle on a final price that works for you.

Picsera has a custom portal for all their clients where they can upload, request service, and download the edited images. This function drastically cuts down on time and saves the clients’ hassle. Sure, they might not have discounts or free trials, but the quality of their work is more than enough to satisfy anyone.

6. PhotozWorld


Website: PhotozWorld
Phone Number:
 +1 585 283 0055

Rating: 8/10

Working with reliable image editing services ensures that your images consistently stay high quality and are sent on time. However, even more than that, working with reliable image editing service providers gives you a sense of trust. PhotozWorld is one of those reliable companies that you can trust because they have been in the business for nearly two decades. They have over 150 expert image editors, and their global client list is over 1000 names long.

This first-rate USA-based image cut-out service provider is an all-rounder. Their cut-out service includes all kinds of background removal services. If you are interested, have a taste of their work by providing some images through their free trial service.

7. Retouchup


Website: Retouchup
Address: 345 South Main St Alpine, UT 84004
Phone Number: 1-801-768-0624

Rating: 8/10

Image cut-out service is as much art as it is science. By blending artistic talent with digital tools, professionals can make any image look fabulous. One of the best image editing companies that understands this very well is Retouchup. This is why it’s on our list of the top 10 image cut-out service provider in USA 2024. By employing talented local and freelance image editors, Retouchup can provide high-quality images that are artistically edited using the best tools available.

It might seem like Retouchup is focusing only on its retouch services. Still, their background removal services are also one of the best. Their image cut-out service is very straightforward, where the pricing is determined by the image complexity. The more subjects an image has, the higher the price per image will be.

8. Shootpro24


Website: Shootpro24
602 Hillside Rd, Glenview, Illinois, USA 60025
Phone Number:
+1 847-656-5000

Rating: 8.5/10

Shootpro24 is a well known image editing service provider that does an outstanding job. Since 2011, this Illinois-based image editing company has primarily worked locally or nationally but has some international clients. While we have been working hard to find you the best deals for all your image cut-out needs, sometimes you need to pay more to get more. This company fits the statement perfectly.

While their image cut-out service, or as they grouped it, clipping path service, is excellent, it isn’t cheap. Most of their clipping path services are priced per minute, meaning the longer they take to do the job, the more it will cost you.

9. Photorelive


Website: Photorelive

Rating: 7.5/10

Photorelive’s image cut-out service is a game-changer for anyone looking to enhance their photos effortlessly. Available in both the Basic and Basic Extra packages, this service allows you to seamlessly remove the background from your images, giving them a polished and professional look. Whether you’re a business owner needing product photos with a clean background or someone looking to create eye-catching visuals for personal use, Photorelive’s image cut-out service delivers precision and quality.

The Basic package covers your essential image cut-out needs, ensuring a clean and crisp result. If you’re looking for that extra touch, the Basic Extra package enhances the service further.

10. Orbit Graphics

Orbit Graphics

Website: Orbit Graphics
124 east 4th street apt 12, New York. NY10003
Phone Number:
+1(646) 960-9017

Rating: 7.5/10

All the businesses on our list can handle high volumes of image cut-out requests, but Orbit Graphics is one of the few that thrive at it. This company is based in Manhattan and has been in business since 2010. They provide numerous other image editing services such as retouching, photo restoration, etc. With over 100 image editors working around the clock both locally and via freelancing, Orbit Graphics has become one of the leading photo editing service providers.

Orbit Graphics’s image cut-out service is ideal for businesses, both big and small, and as we have said, they thrive in working on big requests. Starting from 200 images at a 15% discount, they go up to 5000 images at a 40% discount. And this is for any image cut-out service, both basic and complex.


And that’s all we have for you folks. These are the top 10 image cut-out service provider in USA 2024. Each of these companies is at the top of their business regarding background removal and other essential image editing needs. Companies or individuals having difficulty processing their images can rest easy if they work with any of these service providers. However, according to us, the best image cut out by a service provider in America in 2024 has to be the Clipping Path Finder.


Q. What is an image cut-out service provider?

An image cut out service provider is a company or professional that isolates an object or subject from its background in a photo. They use advanced techniques to create a clean and precise cut-out, making placing the isolated element onto a different background easy.

Q. Why do I need an image cut-out service provider?

If you want your product photos to look professional or need images for marketing materials, an image cut out service provider can help. They remove distracting backgrounds, allow your subject to stand out, and make your visuals more appealing and suitable for various applications.

Q. How does the Image Cut-out process work?

The process involves using tools like Photoshop to carefully trace around the edges of the subject in an image. This creates a mask, separating the subject from the background. Skilled professionals ensure precision, producing a high-quality cut-out for use in different contexts.

Q. What types of images can be processed by an image cut-out service provider?

Image cut-out service providers can work with a broad range of images, including product photos, portraits, and more. Whether it’s a simple object or a complex scene, they have the expertise to handle different types of images and deliver clean, polished cut outs.

Q. How long does an image cut-out service provider take to complete a project?

The time required depends on factors such as the complexity of the image and the provider’s workload. Simple images may be processed quickly, while more intricate ones may take longer. It’s advisable to discuss timelines with the service provider based on your specific project requirements.