The majority of employees concur that effective presentation abilities are crucial and play a big part in their performance at work. Even though you might not enjoy giving presentations at work, they are vital. By using a dependable presentation tool, such as Google Slides, you may create presentations that are less intimidating.

Microsoft PowerPoint has been the industry standard for presentations for many years. Yet, Google Slides have started to surpass PowerPoint presentations in popularity. Google Slides has an advantage over other presentation tools because of its distinctive features that appeal to the majority of users. Wondering how to mask an image in google slides? This article will guide you right through it! If you have more complex problems, you can contact Clipping Path Finder!

Adding Images in Google Slides

You can make your presentation more interesting by adding images and graphics. But the process may not be clear to all. Follow these easy steps to add images to your Google slides within seconds –

  • Open a Google Documents or Slides document or presentation on your PC.
  • Choose Picture from the Insert menu.
  • Choose a source from which to receive your image.
  • Import a stored image from your device or upload one from your computer.
  • Browse the web: Look up a picture on the internet.

A. Drive: Utilize a picture that you’ve stored on Google Drive.

B. Gallery: Use a picture from your Google Photos collection.

C. Via URL: Provide a gif file or a link to your image.

  • To insert or open, click.

Before masking an image in Google slides, you may need to crop it before –

Cropping an Image

An image’s edges can be cropped, and undesired parts can be eliminated.

  • Open a presentation or document on your PC.
  • To crop an image, click on it.
  • To crop, click Crop.
  • Click and drag the blue tiles to the desired shape around the border.
  • After finishing, click anywhere else in your file or press Enter on your keyboard.

Besides cropping, other adjustments can be done as well to make your images look visually pleasing!

How to Mask an Image in Google Slides

Now, you can move on to masking an image using these simple steps –

In Google Slides, you may mask a picture to make it fit into a specific form.

  • Open a presentation on your PC.
  • To mask an image, click it.
  • Click the Down arrow placed next to the Crop option at the top.
  • To select a shape, click it.
  • Your structure will conceal your image. Click and drag the corresponding colored handles to modify your form.

Borders: To make your image clearer, you can add borders for emphasis –

  • Open a presentation or document on your PC.
  • To add a border to an image, click it.
  • Toggle Border color Line shading.
  • Choose a color.

Adjusting and Editing

One of your images can have its hue, brightness, transparency, or contrast changed.

  • Open a presentation or document on your PC.
  • Select the image by clicking it.
  • Choose Format, followed by Format Options.
  • Change the hue of your image under “Recolor.”
  • Adjustments should be changed to

A. Opacity: How much of the background of the slide is visible.

B. Brightness: The image’s apparent brightness on the slide.

C. Contrast: The degree to which an image stands out from its surroundings.

  • When you edit, your changes will be visible.

Resetting the Image

Resetting an image to its original photo will erase any changes you’ve made to it.

  • Open the presentation or document on your PC.
  • Choose a picture.
  • Choose Reset picture. Reset the image.
  • The original photo you added to the file will reappear in the altered image.

Thus, you can mask images in Google slides, adjust and edit them, and even reset them if needed!

Why Google Slides are So Convenient

Google Slides are So Convenient

For both new users and experienced professionals, Google Slides continues to be a top presenting tool. To accommodate various purposes, this program was made to be simple to use. Your presentation aim is one step closer to being achieved thanks to the abundance of presentation templates and interoperability with multiple operating systems. To create powerful presentations, give it a try today.

  • Autosave: The slideshows in Google Slides always save the document after each update. While using a desktop, the autosave makes it convenient, especially if the lights go out. As a result, it is practical, efficient, and time-saving because you won’t have to redo the presentation if you misplace the paper.
  • Real-time Collaboration: The ability to collaborate in real-time is Google Slides’ primary benefit. You can make a template and collaborate on it in real-time with your coworkers. A few well-known presentation tools, like Keynote, don’t have these features, or if they do, the real-time collaboration isn’t as effective.
  • Easy Sharing: One major benefit of Google Slides is how simple sharing is. Even sharing huge files with others via Google Slides is effective. The board, the team, or the students can each copy the presentation to their Google Drive. While they take notes in the presentation area, they can so easily continue with the presentation.
  • Cross-Platforms Available: There are restrictions on which platforms can be used with the majority of presentation tools, such as PPT and LibreOffice. Yet, Google Slides are flexible and function well on a variety of hardware and software, including iOS. Google Slides will still be accessible on Android and Mac if you migrate from Windows to those operating systems tomorrow.

Also, as it is a web-based application, you won’t have to bother about importing, exporting, or changing the format of your data. Also, Google Slides templates provide you an advantage over other presentation tools because they work on a variety of gadgets and operating systems.

These are some of the reasons you should use Google slides to make professional and informal presentations. Working on presentations has never been easier!

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