Do you know when a photo editor faces the most challenges?  When they have to edit photos, especially on Android devices, they have to remove the background. There are a number of photo background remover apps for Android devices that can make this process easier.

Hire an expert for efficient removal of backgrounds from a large number of images, ensuring a top-notch result. At Clipping Path Finder, we guarantee the precise and accurate execution of background removal and replacement tasks. However, we also present a list of 12 Android apps that cater to your fundamental background removal needs.

  1. Adobe Express
  2. Background Eraser
  3. PhotoCut Pro Remove Background
  4. Adobe Photoshop
  5. PixelLab
  6. Picsart
  7. YouCam Perfect
  8. PhotoRoom Studio
  9. PhotoLayers- Superimpose, Eraser
  10. Blend: AI Background Eraser
  11. Pixelcut: AI Photo Editor
  12. Canva

In this article, you will learn about the top 12 apps to remove backgrounds for Android.

12 Photo Background Remover for Android

Prior to initiating our conversation, let me provide a brief overview. If you’re in search of uncomplicated services like basic background removal and other user-friendly features, Youcam Perfect is a suitable application. On the other hand, if you require a more advanced solution, Adobe Express stands out as the best background remover app for Android.

1. Adobe Express

Adobe Express

Download App: Adobe Express

If you are looking for a photo background remover for Android that is easy to use then choose Adobe Express. For any sort of backdrop editing you want to do, use this app. By changing the background and placing a different one or creating a stunning collage, Adobe Express can do that for you.  With a rating of 4.6, it is the best option for you.

It offers powerful tools to accurately cut out and erase backgrounds simply. No training is needed! With this remover app, you get clean and precise results. Achieve professional-looking edits without any hassle with this app. If you are not a professional in this field, this app is perfect for you. Show your creativity with Adore Express to remove the photo background for Android.

2. Background Eraser

Background Eraser

Download App: Background Eraser

By its name, we can understand that Background Eraser is an app that removes the background from your images. Easily separate your subject and remove the unwanted background using this app. The app also provides the option to fine-tune the edges of the subject which ensures a seamless and precise cutout. From beginner to expert, everyone has access to his app. Working on a portrait or a product photograph, when it comes to removing background the app equips you with the necessary tools to achieve a proper result.

Here, you will find different sizes of brush. Use them to adjust edge details. Attain professional-looking using this app simply. Without being professional in background removal, achieve high-quality background removed images using Background Eraser.

3. PhotoCut Pro Remove Background

PhotoCut Pro Remove Background

Download App: PhotoCut Pro Remove Background

The perfect photo background remover for Android is PhotoCut Pro Remove Background. It swiftly removes backgrounds from images by offering an automatic feature that makes the process faster. This app has different features that one can apply to edit an image and remove the background, maintaining the image’s high quality. Beginners and professional editors benefit from its capabilities. It has a rating of 4.2 with 1M users worldwide.

One of its notable features is the automatic background removal tool. It separates your subject from the surrounding environment. You don’t have to do anything manually if you choose the automatic features. Manually removing the background is also possible with this app. Through its automated and manual editing features, achieving impressive results becomes easy with PhotoCut. Removing the background is now a piece of cake.

4. Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop

Download App: Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a famous app for editing pictures, especially for background removal. It can separate backgrounds and put in new ones using different tools. Making different combinations of pictures becomes easier with the help of this app. This program is perfect for beginners and also experts who want perfect editing results. Many people love this app because showcasing their creativity by using this app becomes easier.

People who want to make their pictures perfect should use this app. One cool thing about Adobe Photoshop is its ability to remove backgrounds well. It lets you replace backgrounds easily. Turing the background white and transparent both are possible with this app. Changing the backdrop with a new one and making it more visually appealing with Adobe Photoshop. With a rating of 4.3, this app is a very famous photo background remover for Android.

5. PixelLab


Download App: PixelLab

PixelLab is a useful app that does more than just remove backgrounds. It helps you to change pictures and words in many ways. You can easily take things out of pictures with its tool. This app has more than 60 unique tools and customization options. Besides that, add cool text and designs to make your pictures look better.

You use it to take things out of pictures without any trouble. It also has other options like adding text on the images and other designs that anyone can apply on the pictures simply.
PixelLab is great for people who want to make their pictures eye-catching by removing background With a rating of 4.1, PixelLab is the best photo background remover for Android, and everyone should try it.

6. Picsart


Download App: Picsart

With a different hair Color or shade of lipstick, edit your images by removing the background, using Picsart for Android. It comes with a special background removal feature. Show your creativity with this app’s various effects, filters, and overlays. When you edit an image, it retouches everything which makes the image perfect.

This app’s background removal tools offer precision and different customization options. You can remove the existing background with a new one or make it white and transparent as well. For beginners, Picsart is a good option as no prior experience is needed to use this app. It lets you achieve the perfect edit result that an editor always wants.

7. YouCam Perfect

YouCam Perfect

Download App: YouCam Perfect

YouCam Perfect is an app for Android that creates the perfect selfie. It comes with a custom beauty cam, filters, and background removal features. Removing any object from the background or removing the entire background is easy with this app. Both automated and manual removal features are available here that make this app accessible for users of all skill levels. YouCam Perfect ensures the perfect background removal with minimal effort. Editing becomes fun with this app. With a rating of 4.4, this photo background remover for Android makes editing easy for everyone.

8. PhotoRoom Studio

PhotoRoom Studio

Download App: PhotoRoom Studio

PhotoRoom Studio makes editing a breeze. It offers different tools for editing images such as background removal, specific object removal and also retouching images to make them perfect. For social media content images or product images for e-commerce, when it comes to removing background this app makes everything perfect and easy.

PhotoRoom Studio is your all-in-one answer for making professional-looking pictures by taking away the background. This app helps you to edit properly without any difficulty by using its advanced features.

9. PhotoLayers- Superimpose, Eraser

PhotoLayers- Superimpose, Eraser

Download App: PhotoLayers- Superimpose, Eraser

PhotoLayer is an editing app for Android that comes with background-removing features that remove unwanted backgrounds or objects from photos. It helps you in many ways especially when you want to change the existing background and remove any other object from your image.

With its versatile features, this app has gained popularity among both casual photographers and professional image editors. PhotoLayers offers many tools to make the images better. Turn your photos into pieces of art with the help of this app. With a rating of 4.5, this is the most famous photo background remover for Android.

10. Blend: AI Background Eraser

Blend: AI Background Eraser

Download App: Blend: AI Background Eraser

Blend offers a free AI-powered photo editor, graphic designer, and poster maker. Anyone who is a digital creator, a small businessman, and an online seller easily utilize this app. It has different editing features such as background removal, adding matching backgrounds, and marketing elements like words, stickers, and GIFs to create impressive posters and stories.

With Blend Studio, generating realistic AI backgrounds for your content in just 30 seconds is possible. These backgrounds come with ideal lighting and shadows, enhancing the appearance of your product images and giving them a professional touch. Try this photo background remover for Android today.

11. Pixelcut: AI Photo Editor

Pixelcut: AI Photo Editor

Download App: Pixelcut: AI Photo Editor

The Pixelcut AI Photo Editor is a creative app made by Pixelcut Inc. Both Android and IOS users have access to this app. Over 15 million users enjoy making beautiful pictures quickly using this app. It uses AI to help you create great images. With Pixelcut, taking out the background from your photos is easily possible. The background remover tool makes it easy to cut out the background perfectly. Deleting things is also possible if you want to and cleaning up images with the background eraser.

You can also use the AI Photoshoot feature to make endless product photos. This helps you create amazing product pictures for your online store. It is an AI technology that makes the process super simple. So, try this app on your Android device today.

12. Canva


Download App: Canva

Canva is a well-liked choice for changing your picture’s backdrop. If you take a selfie, you can erase the background using Canva and put it against one of their design options. You don’t need to have any prior experience as it is very easy to use.

With the background removal feature now available in Canva, you enjoy even more convenience. They can easily extract subjects from images and place them into their designs seamlessly. Editors remove backgrounds with this app and also can use other features to retouch images. It is known as the best photo background remover for Android as makes the overall experience smoother.

How to Choose The Right Photo Background Remover for Android? 

Many people become confused when they need to choose one app for removing the background from the photo on Android. So, here, I will share 7 tricks to choose the right photo background remover app for Android. These facts help you to choose the right app for editing. Let’s learn about them together.

  • Check app store reviews to see what other users think about the app’s performance and features.
  • Look for an app that offers precise and accurate background removal without leaving rough edges.
  • Choose an app that provides both automatic background removal and manual editing options to make the process easier.
  • Ensure the app supports common image formats like JPEG and PNG, and permits you to save images in high resolution.
  • Consider additional editing tools like filters, effects, brushes, and text options to enhance your edited images.
  • Look for an app that offers an ad-free version or the option to remove ads through in-app purchases.
  • Check the app’s privacy policy and permissions required. Opt for apps that respect your privacy and only request necessary permissions.

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End Note

Finally, photo background remover apps for Android have become essential tools for making images better. The curated list of the top 12 such apps for Android provided above showcases the diverse range of options available to users to retouch images.

From amateurs to professionals, these apps help them edit images using their creativity and also remove the background properly. With these versatile editing apps for Android,  people can undertake an exciting journey of visual storytelling by removing the background and producing captivating imagery that stands out in the crowd.