1.  Introduction to UK Passport Photos

Are you planning to travel internationally? Then you have to have a passport. One of the essential components of applying for a passport is obtaining a perfect photo. Especially if you are planning to go to the UK, there are very specific UK passport photo size requirements. Many people are not aware that they need to follow the guidelines for a UK passport photo as set out in Her Majesty’s passport photos.

Sadly, failure to submit the correct photos can result in your application being rejected.

● The Importance of Correct UK Passport Photo Size & Specifications

Without a perfect passport photo, your application will not be accepted. If the photo is not the correct size, your application can be delayed or rejected. When you’re thinking of traveling to the UK or other countries in the world for the first time, you should first make your passport. Here, you will need a passport-size photo with the correct specification, the country’s official guidelines, and an accurate representation.

Every country has its own specifications for passport photo size. The UK is no exception to this system. So, now we’ll talk about the UK passport photo size!


2. Standard UK Passport Photo Size & Dimension

Along with your passport application form, you must provide two passport photos that meet the specific rules. If they meet the requirements, your application could be completed on time.

● Required Photo Size and Dimensions

The photo must be 45 mm high and 35 mm wide and cannot be cut down from larger photos. If you have difficulty with this, we recommend visiting a nearby Photoshop.

● Explanation of Millimeters to Inches Conversion

When the calculation of the British passport photo size comes from millimeters to inches, it will be 1.772 inches high and 1.378 inches wide.


3. Quality and Background Requirements

Quality matters the most. You must submit high-quality photos using the passport application form.

● Acceptable Photo Quality and Resolution

Your passport photo should be at least 50 kilobytes in size and should not exceed 10 megabytes. Besides, the photo should be at least 600 pixels wide and 750 pixels high. Both photos should be identical. They must be recent photos taken within the last month.

The photos must be unaltered by any software, such as Photoshop or any photo editing company.

● Background Color Specifications

The photo should be taken against a light gray or plain cream background. They must be in full color and on plain white photo paper.

There should not be any other objects present in the background of your photo.


4. Head Size and Position

For UK passport photos, your head should be the correct size and in the required position.

● Guidelines for UK Passport Photo Size from the Head Side

The crown of your head to your chin must be between 29 mm and 34 mm. No more and no less. Your digital photo should be a clear close-up of your entire head and upper shoulder area.

● Positioning of the Head and Face

The portrait must be a close-up of your full head and shoulders. Make sure that your head and face are in exactly the same position while capturing the photo.


5. Facial Expression and Appearance

Facial expression for UK passport photo

In every sphere of life, expression, and appearance bring out the outer vibe of the topic. It’s a very important thing to give proper facial expressions according to the requirements while photo shooting.

● Allowed Facial Expressions

Your photo image must look straight at the camera and face forward. Your mouth must be closed, and you must have a neutral expression.

● Glasses, Headgear, and Other Accessories

There must be nothing covering your face, and there must be a clear contrast between the image and the background. Head coverings, hats, caps, and scarves are not allowed unless they are specifically worn for religious or medical reasons.

Your eyes must be open and visible. If you are wearing glasses, there must be no glare. Your eyes cannot be covered by sunglasses, the frames of your glasses, or your hair. There must be no red eyes or shadows in the picture.


6. Photo Age and Currency

Your photos must meet the time limitations provided by the UK government. If the UK Embassy finds your photos much older than the required time period, your passport application will be delayed.

● Time Limitations on Photo Age

You must provide new photos with your passport application form. Your photo must have been captured in the last month.

● Reasons for Ensuring Current Photos

If your photos are older than one month or more, your appearance can be changed. That’s why the Embassy couldn’t easily recognize you by your photos. So, it’s better to provide recent photos with a passport application.


7. Special Considerations

While thinking about a passport photo, it seems like a simple task. But the significance of it should be recognized, and the photo should be clicked professionally.

● Requirements for Babies and Young Children

Children must be in their own photos, and babies must not have any toys or dummies showing. They must be looking directly at the camera and have a neutral expression, unless under 6 years old.

Their eyes must be open unless they are under 1 year old.

● Considerations for Religious Attire

You can wear head coverings like a hijab for your religious issues. But regarding this, there are still some rules.
● If you regularly wear this head covering for religious purposes, then it’s ok.
● Your normal appearance should not be changed at any cost. Besides, your full face should not be covered.


8. Common Mistakes to Avoid in UK Passport Picture

While capturing the photo, you may make some simple, common mistakes that should be avoided. It may look like a simple mistake, but it can postpone or delay your passport application.
● Typical Errors in Passport Photos

Some typical errors that we usually make in passport photos are:
● Weird facial expression
● Uneven lighting
● Incorrect photo dimension
● Unqualified background
● Wearing prohibited eyeglasses
● Red eyes in the photo
● Not be a scanned photo

● Tips for Compliant Photos

Some effective tips and tricks for compliant passport photos:
● Pose in a relaxed and confident way.
● Slightly forward your head.
● Without forcing your eyes open, look straight at the camera.
● Make a subtle, perfect “slight smile.”
● Don’t overdo make-up; keep it natural and neutral.
● Natural light can give you the best output.


9. Where to Get UK Passport Photos

Now, we know all about the UK passport photo size, requirements, and other essentials related to the photo. But where do I take or get the photos? Let’s reveal!

● Recommended Places for Taking Passport Photos

You can get your photos taken at photo booths located in most major supermarkets and post offices. Alternatively, you can go to a professional photographer.

You can get your digital photos to us! We, the experts, are always here for you to provide you with the best quality photos and related services.

● DIY vs. Professional Photography

If you are a professional photographer, you can take your photos at home by yourself. If you’re not a professional, then you can also try it at home. But my suggestion is to go to a professional to avoid any legal trouble.



I hope these guidelines have helped you learn about UK passport photo size and other requirements with no confusion. Adhere to these guidelines to avoid legal troubles or typical errors related to passport photos.

You can ask any queries to understand how you can apply for a UK visa from our website: Clipping Path Finder. We’ll make sure to provide every information that will help you and guide you in the right way.