Are you thinking of renewing your Chinese passport or going to apply for the first time? Be more attentive to the passport photo. Have you faced some difficulties submitting the passport application? For example, your passport application has been delayed or rejected. The Chinese Embassy has shown that the cause of rejection is an unqualified passport photo.


Or, you have no idea about Chinese passport photo size, requirements, or other specifications. You have experienced a number of unpleasant situations, like when it takes much more time and money to prepare proper passport photos. And these experiences really suffer a lot.

So, now I’m going to explain the Chinese passport photo size and other requirements in detail!


Chinese passport photo size requirements

Every country has its own specifications and requirements for passport photos. China is not far from this. I’ve laid out the requirements for a Chinese passport photo in detail, and it will help you find the most convenient and budget-friendly solution for a qualified Chinese passport photo.


1.  Digital Chinese passport photo sizes for China & other aspects


●    Photo sizes for Chinese passport

If you want a digital photo, the Chinese passport photo size should be between 354 pixels wide and 472 pixels high. And 420 pixels wide × 560 pixels high.


●    Photo quality

The photo must not contain any damage or impurities. Any background light or shadows are not acceptable. Overexposure or underexposure is not allowed. The applicant’s face should be centered, with all the features fully visible and a natural skin tone. Overdone makeup is not allowed.

There must be >60 pixels of inter-eye distance without red spots in the eyes.


    Colour Space

RGB is a 24-bit true color.


    File compression

The image file should be in JPEG format. The required file size for a Chinese digital passport photo is 40 KB (kilobytes) to 120 KB.


    Facial requirements

The applicant must present their frontal view to the camera with their full head and face clearly visible. His or her facial expression is required to be neutral, with both eyes open and the mouth closed with visible ears. Any visible distortion of the facial features should not be allowed. There must be no other object in that area, like a hand or any other person visible.


    Head position

The head position in the photo should be ‌‌less than or equal to 20° for left or right tilt (yaw and roll) and less than or equal to 25° for up or down tilt (pitch), according to the Chinese passport photo requirement.


    Head coverings

Head coverings like hats, hijabs, or others are not acceptable in the photo. But if you wear those coverings as religious attire, it will be okay. Make sure that they obscure no facial features.


    Head size and orientation

The digital photo dimension should be 354 pixels wide by 472 pixels high. For example, horizontally, the head should be centered in the photo image. The face width should be 205 pixels plus/minus 14 pixels. The space from the chin to the crown of the head should be between 10 and 70 pixels.

Vertically, the distance from the bottom to the horizontal line of the image through the center of the eyes should be >256 pixels.


In some special cases, if the hair is too high, the voluminous hair can be trimmed off in order to ensure the size of the applicant’s face.


    Background and borders

The background color of the passport photo should be white or close to white in color. There should not be any border around the edge of the image.


2.  Paper passport photo sizes for China & other aspects

The differences between paper photos and digital photos are small. Almost all the requirements are the same except for photo size, paper quality, and orientation.


●    Photo size for Chinese passport

The paper photo size for a Chinese passport photo should be 33 mm wide × 48 mm high.


    Paper quality

The photo should be printed on photo-quality paper.


    Head size and orientation

The head should be between 15 mm and 22 mm in width. The height from the chin to the crown of the head should be between 28 mm and 33 mm. The space between the crown and the upper edge of the crown must be between 3 mm and 5 mm. Between the chin and the bottom edge of the photo, the space should be greater than or equal to 7 mm.

Chinese passport photo dress code



You should wear the usual clothes that you wear outdoors randomly. However, the dress color should not be identical to the photo background color. Eyeglasses are allowed according to Chinese passport photo rules. But the lenses should not be tinted, with no glare, shadows, or frame-obscuring eyes.

Rules for toddlers or babies

The Chinese passport requirements didn’t make any different rules for babies or infants. Their photos should be the same as those of adults. Moreover, if you are going to take baby photos for a passport, you should be careful about:

  •     The baby’s head is centered and focused on the camera, both eyes open and mouth closed.
  •     There should not be any other objects in the photo, like toys, any other person’s hand, or anything else.
  •     No shadows or glare should be on the baby’s face.

Where to get a Chinese passport photo

1.  Online services

You can get your photos from some online services. These services are available 24×7. They will provide you with all the requirements with better professionalism. Just capture a clear photo using your phone’s camera and send it to them. They will instantly submit a professional photo of you using proper image editing techniques!


2.  Print out photos.

If you are going to apply for a Chinese passport, paper photos are not mandatory. After the COVID-19 situation, all offline services operate with a little delay. But if you want to submit a paper-based application, you can print out your photo.

You can go to the nearest offline printing service to print your photos. The price of one print will depend on your region or locality.



Now, before you start your passport application process, hopefully, this discussion will give you a clear answer to many questions about Chinese passport photo size and requirements.

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